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A few of you who follow me on Facebook would be knowing about my online collaboration with Oru Photo, a photography venture based out of Chennai, India. In March 2015, while I was contemplating how to bring my works into mainstream social media, I had the pleasure of having a conversation with Samba and Mahesh, co-founders at Oru Photo, who cleared my doubts and inhibitions about social platforms and also offered me a chance to showcase some of my work on their channel. Their idea of creating a collaborative photographic platform showcasing different genres was immensely appealing to me. I have always looked towards other photographers for newer perspectives and inspiration, even while having a vision and taste of my own all along. The fact that everyone in the team were enthusiastic about learning, willing to experiment and share their experiences was reassuring for a beginner like me to join them on the fun ride. And all along, the entire team has been extremely supportive and encouraging, for which I am enormously thankful.

OruPhoto Project365

Uncertain, but Exciting

It amazes me looking at the progress the team has made over the last year. Apart from building a wider audience, the team has grown, bringing in new faces who brought along new ideas and perspectives. It’s a good thing to be part of a group that shares a common passion and where everyone’s looking to improve technically and grow artistically. Searching for my own understanding and meaning in other people’s works and pondering how or why has a particular image affected me the way it did, has taken me closer in perceiving my innate aesthetic sense.

When I was told about the team’s upcoming Project365, I wanted to be part of the exciting and ambitious project. Over the course of one year starting today, February 1, 2016, OruPhoto is gonna post a single image everyday shot by one of the members along with it’s story. The excitement though, comes along with some mixed feelings, I would say. How much value could a photographer like me could add to this ambitious project, both in quantity and quality? I belong to the weekend warriors clan. The weekend is when I am out, shooting as much as I can with my camera. Sometimes, I don’t get to shoot during the weekends either. So to get into something as big as Project365, I needed to get more out of myself than what I am now. Would it be possible? Can this commitment push me to get outdoors more often and shoot more? I certainly hope so!

Since the time I started actively shooting with my mobile, I developed fresh perspectives along with some new tastes. With it, I started discovering opportunities to shoot even during the workdays, giving me more content to process than before. This certainly seems a strengthening sign for my contribution. On the flip side, lies the uncertainty of being able to uphold a certain degree of quality in all of these images consistently over such a long period. But throughout my journey, there have been very few occasions when I was absolutely certain about something. Stepping into the void has been the only way I have learnt. So, I am sure this exciting new assignment is also gonna teach me a whole new bunch of stuff :)

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