Break’s Over

The super long hiatus has finally ended! It feels good to be back to photography and to the blog. A lot has been going on at my end over the past few months with work and family. I did squeeze in enough time for travel and photography, but before I talk more about that, here’s a mobile shot I took while on vacation in the gorgeous Canadian Rockies about a week ago. I will post a couple of write-ups detailing some aspects of my travel to Canada along with more images soon.

So my past few months of keeping away from the blog and photography, can only be described as a case of being socially mute and nothing more. It’s amusing to notice how an individual’s, or more specifically, an artist’s weekly social imprint has become a yardstick to measure his/her passion and commitment towards art. So, I wasn’t surprised when I was asked multiple times as to why I wasn’t shooting pictures anymore. Some even mentioned I was hit by a creative burnout! I really wish that was the case, because that would imply I hit a creativity peak. To keep things simple and conversations short, I told them I was taking a break and reassured on bouncing back.  But the golden truth is I never actually took a break from doing what I love to do. In fact, during the past few months, I traveled more than I usually do and shot even more images in each trip.

Banff Lake Louise Canoe

I have always had a love-hate relationship with social platforms, which often include extended periods of absence with my social feeds running dry. For better or worse, I don’t keep a stack of processed images that I can publish on later dates during such periods either. Even though, sharing my work has become an integral part of my creative journey over the past year, lot of work still remains unpublished. This mainly is due to my inability to sit before a laptop for extended periods of time with post-processing. I trade this for being outdoors each and every time. This is the primary reason why my disk’s filled with unprocessed RAW files from over a year. And not being an on-the-field shooting expert demands even more attention and adjustments to be made in post-processing, stretching the overall duration of processing.

A lot of painful processing steps over the months, has taught me to be more careful and patient before clicking the shutter-release, but I still maintain a small, yet steady rate of mistakes that I tend to repeat. It’s funny how I never learn certain things, even though I vow not to repeat them. Guess it’s one of those childhood carryovers.

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  • July 14, 2016 at 6:53 pm

    Pretty cool! Keep up the good work.


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