Who Am I ? 



I am a photo enthusiast from India based out of California. I always loved using a camera since childhood, but got obsessed with creating images since 2013. Being an outdoors lover, my inclination is towards landscape and cityscape imagery, along with occasional outdoor portraiture trials. Since I began to understand the art of taking and making better images, I have come across numerous techniques, both on and off the field. I see photography, just as any form of art, involving techniques, methods and rules that involve a subjective perspective. Thus, I think there’s no particular way of doing it right or wrong, leaving a huge room for experimenting. Throughout this ongoing journey, I try my best to have fun and not get too serious about it.

The biggest motivation for doing photography has been the immense satisfaction that arises in creating. I have always loved to create as a child, be it small or big, and am glad to find making images interesting and rewarding. At times, I find it amusing how working with a camera made me observe everyday things better.  Be it the patterns created by sea waves on the beach or the golden rays that lit up the sky during sunset or the intensity surrounding an impending cloud burst, a lot of such things went unnoticed with my bare eyes for many years. I don’t think one needs a camera to observe these, but I did. Not anymore though. Having said that, using a camera continues to show me newer things. It helps me to appreciate better the everyday scenes I come across.

I spend a lot of time per week going through numerous sources, primarily on the web, to better my understanding of this form of visual art. This blog is an outcome of my desire to share my learning, findings and work in photography with others. I hope you enjoy my writings and find the content useful. I, sincerely, thank you for visiting my blog. I look forward to improve my photography skills and my writing as time ticks by.



Teja Panchagnula

 What’s Always Overpacked ?

Everything. And every time. Be it my camera bag for evening shots across the town or my backpack while traveling, I always end up overpacking. Certainly are thrown in those extra pair of lens or shorts. It’s an old habit that I have never been able to shed. Not surprisingly, I prefer it this way and tend to be at ease doing so. Else I hear voices in my brain constantly pointing out that I have no backup planned. I shut them up by packing a backup for my backup.

When I started thinking about naming my photoblog, I knew it should be both unique and personal. My wife and I came up with a handful of such names and felt that of all the shortlisted ones, the best that relates to me is being Always Overpacked. Thus the name.

Am I A Pro ?

No. Not even close to being one. Like I mentioned earlier, I am a photo enthusiast like thousands of others out here. I have learned a handful of skills and tricks over the last couple of years and look forward in understanding the subject further moving forward. The images and posts you would see here strongly adhere to a learner’s point of view. The shooting and processing style, thus, is expected to undergo evolution. There are a lot of techniques that I have no knowledge about at present, so I redo a lot of my work as and when I learn newer stuff. To me, this whole process of getting outdoors, observing things around me, clicking few moments and post processing to my own style and taste, is like a game. There’s no melodrama or soul-searching I tend to have or do with a camera. It’s simply fun I have all along.

To know more about what I do to my images, check out my Workflow page here.

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