Inspiration & Influence : La Familia

Like every other photographer, I have been and continue to be influenced and motivated by different people, artists, technology, etc in my creative journey. My family helped me to make my first images, others motivated me to pursue new photography styles, some have taught me processing techniques and few have inspired me to be passionate about the art. Today, I am starting off a fortnightly series discussing their influences on me and the lessons learned. The first one’s gonna be personal and I consider this to be a small token of gratitude to three amazing men of my family who sowed the seeds of photography within me.

As a kid, I have seen my Granddad, Dad and Brother use SLR film cameras extensively. When cameras itself were a rarity in middle class Indian homes during the early 90s, it was amazing to have two foreign-made optical machines. Granddad’s Yashica was a 60s masterpiece and still produced sharp black and white images thirty years later. I was surprised when he presented it to me one day when I was still in my primary. I used it as a toy pretend-snapping my friends and family. It felt good to be the only kid in the neighborhood to have a SLR, despite not really taking images. Over the years, every now and then he spoke about composition and lighting to which I paid a tiny attention. But I believe, unknowingly, somewhere in me was laid a foundation to pursue the art while playing with his prized possession and listening to his technical mumbo jumbo.

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