Maine Watch

It has been a hectic couple of months with office work taking most of my time, meaning I hardly got out with my camera. The winter holiday during the last week of December provided me the much needed break from routine with plenty of opportunity for travel and to photograph, the details of which I shall be posting in my upcoming posts.

For the first post of this year, I have an image shot at Acadia National Park in the beautiful state of Maine. It was Priyanka’s and my first visit to New England and we felt the further east from New York we traveled, the more beautiful the landscape got. Acadia National Park is situated on a bunch of islets, close to the tourist town of Bar Harbor which makes a good stop for a quick bite or a drink before heading to the park. The image of the lighthouse seen here is a popular shooting spot located in Bass Harbor (different from Bar Harbor), the southern most part of the park that is accessible by road. There’s a short trail across the parking lot which leads to a staircase that goes down to these rocks.

Acadia National Park Maine Lighthouse

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