The Glacier Walk

On the first day of our travel to Alaska, last September, we planned to hike on a glacier. The very thought of it was exciting and we were eager to experience this incredible feeling. We landed in Anchorage late into the night and missed collecting the keys of our rental car before the counter closed. Certainly not the best start to the trip, but were glad to have an airport pick up arrive from our hotel stay. It felt chilly and there was a slight drizzle which gradually picked up as we got to our room. The reception lady told us that the first shower of snow occurred the previous week (last week of August) higher up in the mountains. So, make sure to pack clothes that would keep you warm and dry even during the summer and fall months while heading to the Last Frontier. If you are staying in Anchorage, I recommend this hotel which has comfortable double-bed rooms with an additional sofa bed for reasonable nightly rates. The stay also provides a complimentary breakfast.

Hiking The Matanuska Glacier

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Curtain Raiser

We traveled to Alaska along with three other friends during the Labor Day weekend. I was really excited for this one because this trip’s been long overdue. I had booked my tickets twice before to Alaska, but had to cancel them due to unavoidable circumstances. There has not been a day I passed over the last 2 years without liking an image share from Alaska on social networks. I seriously think if I had a dime everytime I liked an image from Alaska, by now I would be a millionaire (still less money though when compared to Iceland which would have made me a billionaire). We landed in the city of Anchorage past midnight and crashed at a nearby budget hotel for the night. After hiking the Matanuska glacier the next afternoon, we headed to Denali National Park to spend two and half days in the wilderness.

Park Accommodation

I booked a campground inside the park two months earlier, but decided to cancel them due to heavy rain and damp weather predicted on both the nights. Searching for an alternative, I thought the lodges within the park were too expensive while those near the entrance were not worth it if we were going to spend the whole time being out in the wild. Thanks to Tripadvisor’s discussion forums, I found a town named Healy that was roughly 10 miles North of the park’s entrance. I would strongly recommend this town for booking your accommodation if you are not planning for camping or backpacking inside the park. I booked this great place for 3 nights which also served a very good breakfast with no extra charge. Be informed that you will have to call this place to book your reservations. Many places in Alaska do not support online reservations, but there was never a trouble whenever I had to make mine.

Before/After Post Processing

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