Project 365

A few of you who follow me on Facebook would be knowing about my online collaboration with Oru Photo, a photography venture based out of Chennai, India. In March 2015, while I was contemplating how to bring my works into mainstream social media, I had the pleasure of having a conversation with Samba and Mahesh, co-founders at Oru Photo, who cleared my doubts and inhibitions about social platforms and also offered me a chance to showcase some of my work on their channel. Their idea of creating a collaborative photographic platform showcasing different genres was immensely appealing to me. I have always looked towards other photographers for newer perspectives and inspiration, even while having a vision and taste of my own all along. The fact that everyone in the team were enthusiastic about learning, willing to experiment and share their experiences was reassuring for a beginner like me to join them on the fun ride. And all along, the entire team has been extremely supportive and encouraging, for which I am enormously thankful.

OruPhoto Project365

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Questions and Rules

Three years ago, making an image for me was merely a push of a button on my camera as a result of a mental stimulation invoked by vision. When I looked at these images on my computer, I categorized them into good compositions, which I kept, and the bad ones, which I immediately discarded. It was my aesthetic sense that played the role of a decision maker. The philosophy of aesthetics, which indicates the cognitive process of perception and judgement, and forms the basis of art or creativity was (and still is to a large extent) beyond my intellect. Being an engineer by profession, I always believed that for every judgement, a logical assessment is of pivotal importance.

I was certain there existed metrics to judge my creations. With a simple query search in Google, a bunch of them popped up. The rule of the thirds, the golden ratio, golden triangles and spirals, filling the frame, patterns, lines and texture are amongst the many that I came across. Gradually, I applied some of these rules to my images, and after a couple of months, they totally controlled my image making and composition decisions. Judgement seemed better now as I held on to these rules as golden reference for deciding between keepers and tossers.

The Joker San Francisco

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