Break’s Over

The super long hiatus has finally ended! It feels good to be back to photography and to the blog. A lot has been going on at my end over the past few months with work and family. I did squeeze in enough time for travel and photography, but before I talk more about that, here’s a mobile shot I took while on vacation in the gorgeous Canadian Rockies about a week ago. I will post a couple of write-ups detailing some aspects of my travel to Canada along with more images soon.

So my past few months of keeping away from the blog and photography, can only be described as a case of being socially mute and nothing more. It’s amusing to notice how an individual’s, or more specifically, an artist’s weekly social imprint has become a yardstick to measure his/her passion and commitment towards art. So, I wasn’t surprised when I was asked multiple times as to why I wasn’t shooting pictures anymore. Some even mentioned I was hit by a creative burnout! I really wish that was the case, because that would imply I hit a creativity peak. To keep things simple and conversations short, I told them I was taking a break and reassured on bouncing back.  But the golden truth is I never actually took a break from doing what I love to do. In fact, during the past few months, I traveled more than I usually do and shot even more images in each trip.

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The Glacier Walk

On the first day of our travel to Alaska, last September, we planned to hike on a glacier. The very thought of it was exciting and we were eager to experience this incredible feeling. We landed in Anchorage late into the night and missed collecting the keys of our rental car before the counter closed. Certainly not the best start to the trip, but were glad to have an airport pick up arrive from our hotel stay. It felt chilly and there was a slight drizzle which gradually picked up as we got to our room. The reception lady told us that the first shower of snow occurred the previous week (last week of August) higher up in the mountains. So, make sure to pack clothes that would keep you warm and dry even during the summer and fall months while heading to the Last Frontier. If you are staying in Anchorage, I recommend this hotel which has comfortable double-bed rooms with an additional sofa bed for reasonable nightly rates. The stay also provides a complimentary breakfast.

Hiking The Matanuska Glacier

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New Directions, New Ideas!

Last summer while I was in India, I was sitting on the terrace of my childhood home one evening, sipping a cup of filter coffee and fiddling with my iPhone’s camera. The thing was, it has been two weeks into my vacation and I haven’t shot anything yet. Although, I carried this phone for about an year, I never really shot much with it. Actually, I was least bothered about this tiny lens since I always picked my SLR for shooting. I brought along my SLR to India, but it rested mostly inside my bag. Because of its bulkiness I guess, it mostly attracted attention from the people around. In general, this made me really uncomfortable and I find it hard to focus on my shooting, which is the reason why I refrain myself from shooting any street life.

From where I sat, I looked around to see if anything interesting caught my eye. I saw kids playing cricket on the street below, the sun setting behind the numerous rows of concrete houses, my neighbor speaking loudly into his mobile and my grand-dad humming a carnatic raga while tuning the frequency on his radio. Is it possible to capture each of these moments and be able to tell a story? Ofcourse, that’s what people with great imagination and an artistic eye have always been able to do, irrespective of the lens. The challenge for me has always been to capture moments like these. As much as I enjoy landscape and cityscape photography, there has always been a part of me that yearned to make images that showcased everyday moments. It’s the subtlety that has been the most challenging to capture. At that moment, a thought crossed my mind whether this tiny lens, could become another tool in my hands and help me develop an eye to capture such delicate moments. I wouldn’t attract much attention either while shooting given it’s small form factor. Starting there, I decided to experiment and immediately clicked a handful of images.

California Fall Colors Boots

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Maine Watch

It has been a hectic couple of months with office work taking most of my time, meaning I hardly got out with my camera. The winter holiday during the last week of December provided me the much needed break from routine with plenty of opportunity for travel and to photograph, the details of which I shall be posting in my upcoming posts.

For the first post of this year, I have an image shot at Acadia National Park in the beautiful state of Maine. It was Priyanka’s and my first visit to New England and we felt the further east from New York we traveled, the more beautiful the landscape got. Acadia National Park is situated on a bunch of islets, close to the tourist town of Bar Harbor which makes a good stop for a quick bite or a drink before heading to the park. The image of the lighthouse seen here is a popular shooting spot located in Bass Harbor (different from Bar Harbor), the southern most part of the park that is accessible by road. There’s a short trail across the parking lot which leads to a staircase that goes down to these rocks.

Acadia National Park Maine Lighthouse

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